Greetings from the Catalan Roadside (ongoing)
18 August 2016

Greetings from the Catalan roadside (2011 – ongoing)

The ill-fated economic growth of the late 1990s in Spain brought, among other things, a spectacular increase in the number of motorways in almost every area of the country. The new autopistas and autovías rapidly absorbed most of the traffic from the old national and regional carreteras and one of many consequences was a dramatic decline of the traditional roadside businesses in these now less-traveled roads.

Since 2011 I have made several short photo trips along some of these single-carriageways in Catalonia, the area I live in. Inspired both by John Margolies’ Roadside America and my fellow countryman Toni Sala’s travel diary Autoestop, I’ve set my interest not only on the forgotten and the neglected but also on the vernacular and the distinctive. Here’s a small sample of what I’ve gathered so far.

C-66, Celrà. 2012.

C-245, Sant Boi de Llobregat. 2016.

T-340, Deltebre. 2017.

N-II, La Panadella. 2012.

BV-5105, Cardedeu. 2014.

GI-682, Blanes. 2012.

N-IIz, El Bruc. 2017.

C-63, Vidreres. 2012.