Fiiiirst: A photographic discussion with Hilde Honerud

Fiiiirst is an online gallery, created by french-canadian photographer Guillaume Tomasi in 2016. According to its very own description: "Every month, two photographers are invited to interact through an image-based discussion. To keep this dialog without a pre-formated vision, they don't know with whom they interact with. The identities of each author are kept secret until the end of their respective discussion. Each picture produced is used as an inspiration to create the next one. The authors have been chosen on the basis on their career, their photographic direction and their savoir-faire to document an artistic vision".

I've recently had the pleasure to be featured, along with Hilde Honerud from Konsberg, Norway, in Fiiiirst's 60th discussion. It's been a great experience, both fun and challenging. You can view the results here. I also reccomend you to have a look at all the conversations that have been published so far, which include works from photographers such as Eugeni Gay Marín, JM Ramírez Suassi, Jenny Riffle and Jamie Hladky, among others.