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Photo book: “Riviera: Photographs of Palm Springs” by John Brian King

A couple weeks ago I received in the mail a copy (along with some really nice postcards, one of them with a personal hand -written note from the author) of John Brian King’s RIVIERA: PHOTOGRAPHS OF PALM SPRINGS, published by Spurl Editions.

It’s a rather small (21x19 cm), 112-page book containing 99 gorgeous landscape photographs of the city of Palm Springs, California, and its environs. The hazy, soft-focus, kind of washed-out quality of Fuji Instax Wide film really suits the mostly decaying, lonely, quite dream-like and definetely haunting mood that flows through the whole body of work.

Needless to say, I wholeheartedly reccomend this book. Do yourself a favor and get a copy from the Spurl Editions website (it’s also available from Amazon, but hey, they won’t include postcards from all of John’s other books and don’t need your support anyway).

Originally published 24/7/2020.


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