Pas del Nord-oest

Surrounded by railroad tracks, motorways and residential areas, there is a place in the outskirts of the city I live in that once became my personal fantasy playground. Over the course of three years I wandered relentlessly around all its nooks and crannies, mostly on foot, usually at sunrise and always on my own.

What started out as a series of random drifts slowly became sort of a conquest plan: I was actually in the process of making that place mine (figuratively speaking, of course). By walking up and down the same old trails over and over again, I was taking possession of all those pines and oaks, that abandoned barn, those dry creeks, that artificial lake… and giving them a whole new meaning in my imagination, turning them into several fictitious places according to my tastes and influences from film, literature and photography.

The title, Pas del Nord-Oest, is a reference to the legendary sea route connecting the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Arctic Ocean, as well as the working title for the pilot episode of the TV series “Twin Peaks”. On a curious note, I used to access the area I explore in the project through an old pedestrian tunnel under the railway in the Northwestern edge of the city.