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No hi ha castell prou fort

"Ain't no castle strong enough to save us from death". One day, all of a sudden, the distinguished inhabitants of this castle locked it up, left and never came back. Since then it has remained unconnected to everything that was happening outside its walls. But even the strongest fortress cannot bear the weight of time and rain, humidity and lack of maintenance are deteriorating the place -slowly but unrelentingly.

Music: "Sunset at Glendorm" by Kevin McLeod.

#2010  #abandonedplace  #undisclosedlocation  #video



We had set our sights on an abandoned country house. As we got there, though, we found out that the tenants still kept a small vegetable garden and that the landowner used the place as a junkyard for old cars he wanted to strip or restore. The tenants were really nice and gave us permission to shoot all that amazing stuff.

Music: "I Remember" by Billy Childish.

#2010  #undisclosedlocation  #video