Pas del Nord-oest


Surrounded by railroad tracks, motorways and residential areas, there is a place in the outskirts of the city I live in that once became my personal fantasy playground. Over the course of three years I wandered relentlessly around all its nooks and crannies, mostly on foot, usually at sunrise and always on my own.

What started out as a series of random drifts slowly became sort of a conquest plan: I was actually in the process of making that place mine (figuratively speaking, of course). By walking up and down the same old trails over and over again, I was taking possession of all those pines and oaks, that abandoned barn, those dry creeks, that artificial lake… and giving them a whole new meaning in my imagination, turning them into several fictitious places according to my tastes and influences from film, literature and photography.

Pas del Nord-Oest was one of the preselected works for the Screen 2022 award in the La Nuu international photography festival of Rubí.