“You know, gasoline stations always bring life to small towns. You’d always have someone pumping the gas, buying things at the shop or just stopping by to say hello and have a little chat with the employees.

But at some point the farmers’ co-op decided to build their own station so they could get cheaper fuel and from then things went downhill. I could not compete with their prices at all. In the end, the guys from the oil company came here and stripped all the place down and now I’m left with the remains.

According to the law, I’m not allowed to use this place for any other kind of business because the underground gas storage tanks are still there and it would be way too expensive for me to remove them safely…

So you say you’re taking these photographs for a book? I bet you’ve found a few more stations like this!”

Former station owner. Torregrossa, Lleida. 2016.

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